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Disclosure of Reimbursements

Reimbursement Policies

The intent of this policy is to provide a reasonable list of reimbursable expenses for all LAFCO employees and Commissioner expenses.

1. Expense reimbursement requests should be submitted monthly, although flexibility is permitted if the claimable amount is not deemed to be significant.

2. Claims for reimbursement of costs related to LAFCO meetings, conferences and seminars should be submitted not later than 60 days following completion of the event for which reimbursement is being claimed.

3. Expense claims for costs incurred in one fiscal year should be, whenever practical, submitted for reimbursement during the same fiscal year.

4. Reimbursement for Private Automobiles
a. Use of private automobiles to conduct LAFCO business shall be reimbursed at the IRS allowable rate.
b. This rate shall be considered full and complete payment for actual expenses for use of private automobiles, including insurance, maintenance and all other automobile-related costs.
c. LAFCO does not provide insurance for private automobiles used for LAFCO business. The owner is responsible for personal liability and property damage insurance when vehicles are used on LAFCO

5. Receipts or vouchers which verify the claimed expenses are required for reimbursement of all items of expense except private automobile mileage and taxis or streetcars, buses, bridge and road tolls and parking fees.

6. Reimbursement of expenses is not allowed for personal items such as, but not limited to,  entertainment, clothing, laundering, etc.

7. The general rule for selecting a mode of transportation for reimbursement is that method which represents the lowest reasonable expense to LAFCO and the individual Commissioner or staff member.


Reimbursement of Commissioner Expenses
Commission members and alternates may claim reimbursement for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in performing the duties of their office. This includes:
1. Attending the annual CALAFCO Conference and CALAFCO University classes.
2. Attending CALAFCO committee meetings such as the Legislative Committee or Conference Planning Committee if they are a member of the committee.
3. Attending the annual UCLA Extension Land Use Law and Planning Conference.
4. Attending other LAFCO-related conferences, meeting and events with preapproval by the Commission or the Chair of the Commission.
5. Commission members and alternates shall be reimbursed for expenses in the same manner as staff.

The Executive Officer is responsible for reviewing and approving each request for Commission reimbursement. Disputed reimbursements may be appealed to the Commission.

The Commission will not generally reimburse Commissioners for workshops or training that is directed or oriented primarily for LAFCO staff and only with prior approval.


Reimbursement of Staff and Legal Counsel Expenses
1. The LAFCO Staff and Legal Counsel shall be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses in connection with the conduct of LAFCO business including but not limited to office expenses, training,  travel, lodging, meals, gratuities and other related costs.
2. The Executive Officer is responsible for reviewing and approving requests for Legal Counsel reimbursement.
3. The Chair, Vice Chair, or other Commissioners authorized to sign claim forms with the County Auditor Controller are responsible for reviewing and approving requests for Executive Officer reimbursement.


LAFCO shall reimburse Executive Office for expenses incurred in performing services as set forth in  Exhibit A of his/her contract. Expenses not explicitly set forth in Exhibit A shall not be reimbursed without the prior written consent of LAFCO Chair. Expenses will be reimbursed only if incurred during the contract

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